Furness Refugee Support

Furness Refugee Support is a small charity. We have no paid staff. We have two main areas that we work in : (a) to collect donations to send to camps overseas (b) to support refugees that live in our community. We do this in lots of ways. We can help with practical support, such as going shopping, creating a home, going to appointments, learning english and dealing with agencies for example.

Our Chair is Kim Farr, our Deputy Chair is Linda Wood and our Secretary Elizabeth Hill.


(written by volunteers and friends of Furness Refugee Support – March 2019)

A cul-de-sac of sanctuary,

Furness is a welcoming mix of communities

With a melting pot of dialect and language.

Grow, building bridges and falling barriers

Capital of blue collar Britain

Shaking with the beat, beat, beat of industry,

A Vale of Nightshade,

Winding winds and wide open skies

Restoring tranquility

دعم اللاجئين في منطقة فورنيس

في إزقّتها ملاذ منطقة فورنيس، مرحّبة لمختلف الثقافات \ و خليط من المجتمعات، اللغات و اللهجات\ معاً لننمو، لنبني الجسور و نهدم الحواجز \ هي عاصمة العمّال \ ترجّ مع صوت المصانع \ هي وادي النباتات البرّيّة \و الرياح اللولبيّة و سماءها المفتوحة \ تستعيد الهدوء

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