Reviewed Dec 2020

Furness Refugee Support

The name of the Group is Furness Refugee Support

AIMS and PURPOSE: To provide whatever support we can to refugees both before they arrive in this country and afterwards, by collecting cash donations and donations of clothing and equipment. Other practical support and befriending is provided once refugees arrive in Furness, in cooperation with other statutory and support organisations

MEMBERSHIP:  The Group will have a membership. Anyone over the age of 16 who supports our aims can apply to become a member through the website or facebook page.

OFFICERS: Officers shall be elected annually from the membership, and will consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Press Officer. The press officer may be supported by others as required. Vacancies occurring will be filled by vote at the meeting immediately after the vacancy arises and will last only to the next AGM. The Officers will conduct the business of the Group in accordance with the wishes of the members and will report once a year at the AGM.

MEETINGS: Meetings of the Group will be no less than 8 a year with an Annual General Meeting usually in April which will elect officers. Voting on issues,where necessary, will be by simple majority, and a quorum will be 5 members. Meetings will be minuted and circulated. If members have a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while the matter is being discussed or decided. If the Group consider it necessary to change the constitution, or wind up the charity, they must call a General Meeting so that membership can make the decision. The Officers must also call a General Meeting if they receive a written request from the majority of members. If decisions need to be taken between meetings then the Officers will do so following discussion.


The organisation does not and will not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever, including, race, sexuality, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion. The organisation will challenge this wherever it comes across it. The organisation will comply with all legal requirements in this respect.

THE AGM: The AGM is held yearly, usually in April, and at least 14 days notice is given to members. There must be at least 8 members present at the AGM. Every member has 1 vote and may stand for election. Retiring members may stand for re-election.

FINANCE: The charity will open and manage a bank account with signatures of several Officers, any 2 of whom are required to sign all cheques. A financial report and bank statement will be presented at each meeting.

ALTERATION TO THE CONSTITUTION: The constitution will be formally reviewed every 3 years, but any member may raise an issue at the Annual General Meeting for discussion. However no changes will be acceptable which propose a move away from the ethos of the original aims. Proposed alterations will be voted on by members and simple majority will be the method of accepting/incorporating changes.

DISSOLUTION: Should the charity cease to exist, any assets it holds in terms of money and equipment will be given to a group or groups locally who have broadly similar aims and objectives





Reviewed December 2020